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SGU’s medical school tuition compares favorably with other top medical schools — and we offer scholarships and other financial aid assistance. SGU is a second-chance medical school and you have to understand that in the most literal sense. I am not worried about failing but if that happens better know in 12-weeks that a whole year. SGU is not for people who want to become doctors but don’t have the academic prowess to make that happen. Any suggestion on a phone plan? SGU students are eligible for US student loans and Canadian student loans; How Much Is Medical School at SGU? Katrina remembers her first two years on the SGU campus as challenging, but enjoyable. ... but go to the CFP in August to get in the medical school mindset and have a leg up in the 1st year. You will run in all sorts of issues trying to deal with licensing agencies when you try to explain you did a medical degree affiliated with 2 universities one in Britain and one in Cyprus. SGU wouldn’t touch someone with those grades. With that in mind, I redid the map with tuition and accrued interest instead of COA with accrued interest. I suspected that SGU held unique options that would help me to mold my career down the road, and I wasn’t wrong. Can anyone who has gone there give me some pointers as to what to pack/ not pack (not the obvious things, but stuff you couldn t get on the island). Ross comes out to $259,309 (with 10 semesters), which is 36/50 schools; and SGU comes out at $211,211 (with 3 years and 4 months; would be 263,211 with IL 4th year tuition), which is 12/50 (or 41/50). If you’re someone who has excellent grades and excellent test-taking skills, you will almost guaranteed match after four years. Don't go there. It has gotten harder to apply to medical school, so I kept my options open and applied to all D.O. I have friends who have gone … Find Enrollment & Demographic Information, Average MCATs & GPA for Medical School & more This is a high number compared to USMD/DO schools which typically average <5% attrition, but is arguably the lowest of any other Caribbean schools which average between 25-75% outside of Ross and SGU (which have similar attrition rates as … Why SGU and not US schools? Founded on the island of Grenada in the West Indies, SGU’s School of Medicine officially opened its doors to a small group of students in January 1977. So yea. The medical school is just a 4 story medical building and the villas where you live are brand new and apartment style, but is a 20 minute shuttle away. The school was mainly intended as an offshore school for Brits who couldn't get into british medical school. All figures are in US dollars. Stuff thats not on the school website. Interested in SGU's Acceptance Rates? schools in the U.S. and St. Georges, Ross, and American University as well. I have an iphone, do I need to get a sim card there?. Ross merps people with 2.2 gpas. I think SGU is the only Caribbean school with some standards for admission, which is why they have a lower attrition than other schools. St. George’s University was my first-choice medical school — in fact, it was my only choice. How was on-campus housing?. I fell in love with the opportunities that SGU provided to help me build my career serving international and limited-resource populations. Trying to get a heads up about living on the island. Tuition and fees are subject to change. I got into all three of the Caribbean schools. Although medical school can be very competitive, she says, she formed supportive friendships with … But might be cheaper (They gave me a $12k scholarship). Why not Ross/AUC if you applied/got accepted? Article content continued.

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